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Chapter 9 Refusing The Alpha

  • Ekaterina picked the book up and took a deep breath before asking the person to come in.
  • As soon as she did, the door flung open and a young lady she had never seen before, came into the room. She quickly guessed that the girl before her was a maid when she curtsied and kept her head bowed while speaking to her.
  • Ekaterina didn't really know if she liked being treated like royalty because it felt somewhat weird and it reminded her of her early life when she still lived in Ryan's mansion. Those were memories which she had buried and would certainly like to keep that way.
  • "I deeply apologize my lady, if I might be disturbing you but the Alpha requests your presence immediately." The maid announced.
  • "Really? Is there a problem, perhaps?" Ekaterina asked, quickly fearing what might be in store for her.
  • "Not at all my lady, the Alpha and the esteemed members of the pack house are at the dining area and the Alpha refuses to have dinner without you. He most probably wants to introduce you formally to the other members of the hierarchy. Besides, if the Alpha doesn't eat first, no one can." The maid explained and Ekaterina released a sigh of relief.
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