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Chapter 6 First Encounter

  • Ekaterina was sure she had never felt this miserable and helpless her entire life. After agreeing to an arranged marriage for the sake of her mother's health, she was being forced to actually partake in the wedding preparations despite the fact that her father knew just how much she hated all of this.
  • She sighed ironically on their way to the mall and tried not to cry as she thought over her situation. She was probably the only bride who would give anything to avoid her own wedding. What was supposed to be the most joyous occasion in any woman's life, had been transformed to something of regret due to her circumstances but she tried to assure herself that it would be alright.
  • She was doing this for the right reasons and she was sure that all her sorrows would fade away once she saw her mother, healthy and active again with that warm smile on her never aging face.
  • They finally arrived at the mall and the driver parked the car while Ekaterina and the maids went in. Her intention was just to stand back and let them buy whatever they wanted but the girls would have none of it.
  • They forced her to check out some dresses and even selected beautiful dresses for her engagement but it was obvious from the look on her face that she wasn't even interested.
  • After selecting the most gorgeous dress they could find, they went for shoes and other ornaments that were sure to make Ekaterina steal the spotlight. She was already such a beautiful girl but the glam up was just to make her stand out like a celebrity, she was after all the soon to be daughter in-law of Senator Hill so she had to look the part.
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