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Mated To The Cold Hearted Alpha

Mated To The Cold Hearted Alpha

Favour Bademosi

Update: 2022-07-05

Chapter 1 Stolen Away By The Alpha

  • Chapter 1
  • Ekaterina washed her hands in the bathroom sink before wiping them with a towel, she took a deep breath and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She couldn't tell why she was feeling very uneasy, almost like something bad was about to happen. She wondered if it was because she wasn't fully in support of all that was going on. She shook her head as if to dismiss the thoughts and only bring way for positivity, nothing bad should happen today. It's her engagement and everything ought to go well.
  • She touched her makeup a little, fitted her dress properly and fluffed her hair a bit. As she was about to turn away, she heard sounds and she paused for a second, her heart racing. She grasped the fabric of her dress before turning around carefully but as she looked around the bathroom, she saw no one and her nerves calmed down a bit. She mentally kicked herself for imagining things and she tried to assure herself that everything was fine but she couldn't still tell why she was unable to calm down, could it be because of the circumstances surrounding the engagement?
  • She sighed and headed towards the bathroom door but as her hand grabbed the door handle, the next thing she felt was a large hand over her mouth and nose and she tried to scream but she couldn't, only muffled sounds came out.
  • A hand wrapped around her petite body tightly and she tried to wriggle out of it but she couldn't. Her survival instincts kicked in and she tried to hit the person but her blows were of no effect. Did this person have superhuman strength? She wondered.
  • More shocking was the reason why someone would want to kidnap her on the day of her engagement, she didn't have any enemies that she knew of. All her life, she had always tried to be a peace loving person, despite being mistreated multiple times. She felt the person hit the side of her neck softly and she felt a sharp pain spread through her. As the pain slowly subsided, it was accompanied by a slow black haze and she realised she was losing consciousness.
  • "I'm sorry Ekaterina, but I have to do this, I'm compelled to." She heard the person say and she fought to stay awake, fought to keep her eyes open but she just couldn't.
  • Her gradual loss of consciousness was making her brain unreceptive. He removed his hand from her mouth and nose but she was too weak to say anything.
  • A teasing and tingling scent hit her nostrils and she instantly knew who it was. As the realization hit her, she felt her consciousness completely slip away and she blacked out.
  • ************
  • Ekaterina opened her eyes and shut them back quickly due to the bright light that shone on her face from the window. She tried opening her eyes again and was able to finally steady her vision, she used her left hand to protect her eyes from the sun rays that washed over her face.
  • She sat up and gazed over her surroundings, her brain trying to understand where she was but failing miserably.
  • Just then,her line of vision fell on a man. In an instant, she knew who he was. "So you're finally awake?" He asked with a concerned face.
  • "Where am I? Who really are you? Why did you bring me here? Why did you kidnap me?" She asked, bombarding him with questions.
  • "Just try to calm down, you've been out for some hours so it's not good to stress right now." He cautioned, approaching her.
  • "Shut up! Just shut up! How dare you tell me to calm down when you kidnapped me? Don't try to lie to me or pretend as if you really care. Just tell me why you kidnapped me and how much you're willing to take to release me. My fiance is very capable of paying." She blurted, the anger evident in her voice.
  • After saying those words, she felt her anger slowly metamorphose to sadness.
  • What would her father think? He might as well assume that she had run away from the engagement because she was being forced to marry Rodion. Her stepmother would probably make sure that her father believed she had disappeared on purpose.
  • What she was more worried about was her mother's health. Her mum's health wasn't very good at the moment and she was scared the woman would be unable to take the shock of her disappearance. She loved her mother to pieces and her mother was the only reason why she had agreed to the marriage in the first place.
  • She also thought about her fiance, Rodion. His family was very wealthy and famous and the fact that she had suddenly disappeared from the engagement would harm his family's reputation. He was a difficult man who valued his wealth and reputation over everything else. She was worried that he would take his anger out on her father who would then take it out on her poor mother. What if her father went back on his promise and refused to pay for her mother's surgery? That was what she was afraid of, she couldn't let her mother die at all costs. And the worst part was that no one knew that she had been kidnapped. She was on the verge of tears as her fears consumed her heart when the sound of a loud sigh brought her out of her thoughts.
  • "The truth is I don't want your money, I only want you." Vadim simply stated. He had no idea just how he was going to make her understand everything.
  • "You know what? You're crazy, You're fucking crazy. You're supposed to be my father's business partner but not only do you kidnap me during my engagement party, you're saying you want me. So what am I supposed to do now? Applaud you and fall into your arms, pledging my eternal love?" She asked sarcastically, a lone tear drop falling down her beautiful features.
  • Vadim knew that if any other woman had said this to him, she would be dead by now but Ekaterina was his mate and she was the scarlet wolf. She was the most sought after she-wolf and he would have to claim her as his mate at all costs before other Alphas found her and tried to claim her for the power which she possessed. She would be easy to fool because unfortunately, she had no idea of who she was or what she was.
  • Regrettably, due to the power she possessed, he would also be unable to claim her by force because if he tried to, he would lose his wolf and be destroyed so no matter how rude she was to him, he would have no choice but to be gentle with her. All he wanted was her power.
  • "Listen to me, you have to find out the truth first. I'm no ordinary person……….." He began but Ekaterina cut him off. "Yeah right, you aren't. You're just a psycho." She retorted.
  • "Aargh! Will you just shut up and listen?" He barked, his voice displaying his irritation.
  • Ekaterina felt a little startled by his tone and resolved to keep quiet. She didn't know this man's plan for her yet so it would be wise not to irritate him further.
  • "My name is Vadim, Vadim Alexei Levin. I'm the Alpha of the Shadow Wolf Pack and whether you believe it or not, I'm a werewolf." Vadim revealed, wanting to give the information in pieces so that Ekaterina would understand and hopefully try to cooperate with him.
  • Ekaterina didn't even realise it when she burst into a hard laughter. Did this man really think she was a 14 year old that would believe in such nonsense? Or was he just toying with her for sport?
  • Vadim didn't find her response funny in any way and thus, frowned at it. Why was the fact so hard for her to understand? Ekaterina wiped the small tears that had gathered at the edge of your eyes from laughing so hard.
  • She sat up properly and looked him straight in the eye before speaking in a calm and bold voice. "Do you really think I'd believe that? You must be really crazy if you think I'd believe in such nonsense. Quit toying with me and tell me what you really want. Better still, tell me who hired you and let me go. I promise that my family will pay heavily, even double the amount the person did, for my release." She offered.
  • Vadim took a deep breath as he tried to remain calm. He had known he would have to meet his fated mate at some point but this girl in front of him had certainly beat his expectations.
  • He had always imagined his future Luna to be beautiful, respectful and very obedient, like any other girl in the pack but the woman standing in front of him was a complete opposite of what he had expected. Well, except for her appearance. She was unreasonable and undeniably stubborn and he definitely didn't like that, he always wanted to be the dominant one in the relationship. That was how it was supposed to be. The only thing that was saving her from being straightened out by him was the fact that she was the scarlet wolf but she didn't need to know that because if she did, it would be more difficult to get her to submit because she would try to use her powers as leverage against him and he didn't want that.
  • He was about to speak when a voice interrupted him but this time, it wasn't Ekaterina's. "Good day, Alpha. I apologize for disturbing you but Raisa is here to see you." A man said as he entered the room.
  • Vadim turned towards Adrik, who was one of his trusted guards. "Didn't I say I didn't want any disturbances while I'm with my mate?" Vadim barked at him.
  • "I'm sorry Alpha, it's just that Raisa………" Adrik began explaining but Vadim wasn't prepared to let him finish. "Send her away now!" He ordered. "As you wish Alpha." Adrik said, bowed and left.
  • Ekaterina was left confused by the conversation that had just taken place in front of her. Could it be really possible that he was actually the Alpha of a real werewolf pack and she was his destined mate?
  • No.
  • She shook her head as if to push such thoughts out of her mind. No,that couldn't be. That wasn't even possible. Werewolves weren't real, they were only a figment of people's imagination and a source of money to the entertainment industry. This man had to be lying, what happened just now must have been planned out, just to confuse her. She took a deep breath as she tried to convince herself.
  • "Ekaterina, are you alright? You seem a little flustered." He asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. He was hoping that what she had just seen would send the message to her.
  • She forcefully pushed his hand away from her. "Stay away from me, you liar. I don't know what your plan is and I don't care. The only thing I care about is my freedom, please just let me go. I'm an innocent girl and I haven't hurt anyone intentionally before. I'm going to get married soon so please let me go, please. My fiance is a very ruthless man, he might hurt innocent people trying to look for me." Ekaterina pleaded. Since this man had clearly refused her offer of money, maybe he would consider releasing her if she pleaded.
  • Vadim felt his anger rise at her pleas. Though she seemed very innocent and anyone would mistake her for a simpleton, she was a hard nut to crack. He needed to get her to believe him, he needed to gain her trust somehow, anyhow. He couldn't understand why it was so hard for her to believe him. The sooner he gained her trust and made her more comfortable with him, the sooner he would be able to harvest her powers. After which he would reject her and send her away, he would never actually make someone like her his Luna.
  • He decided that the time for words was over, only action would speak louder in this situation.