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Chapter 7 We Meet Again

  • Ekaterina slipped into the extravagant orange ball gown with some help from the maids. She didn't feel too comfortable wearing something so big, long and heavy but it's not like she had a say in any of what was going on. She was more or less a puppet in this entire situation. She looked at herself in the mirror and though the dress looked very beautiful on her, she wasn't pleased and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't even bring herself to smile. She only wondered one thing though, if the engagement dress was this expensive then she wondered what her wedding dress would look like.
  • A stylist had already worked her magic on Ekaterina's hair, weaving the side into a braid and folding her hair up in a tight bun. Cassidy handled her makeup, making her face as sparkly as possible. Her stepmother supervised everything, making sure that they were all ready for the engagement.
  • Ekaterina nearly laughed at how they were handling things, they were behaving as if any of this was real. They all knew that it was a compromise so she would much appreciate it if they stopped pretending like she was actually excited for the engagement.
  • Her stepfather soon arrived and complimented her look. "Wow, you're looking very good today dear. I must say that I'm impressed. The dress is very nice but your beauty just makes it shine. I'm just so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter who is willing to do anything to please her father." He said and Ekaterina nearly glared at him but she held back just in time. Isn't it just shocking? This is the first time he had ever called her dear in her twenty one years of life and everything he said only disgusted her further.
  • She clenched the edge of her dress, her nose flaring in anger before she replied.
  • "I don't need your fake compliments. This all started as a business and I would like it if it ended that way. You've never regarded or treated as a daughter so let's not start today." She said politely but her tone was stern and threatening and Ryan got the message. He quickly tried to wipe the frown away from his face while his wife attempted to scold Ekaterina.
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