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Chapter 10 Awkward Dinner

  • He carried her into his arms like she was weightless and threw her over his shoulder. "What are you doing? Please put me down" She pleaded, her protests having little or no effect on him.
  • "I won't let you get away with disrespecting me in front of the pack members like that. You'll get your punishment for sure but since you've chosen not to come down, I'll just have to bring you down myself. It's the least I can do for my sweet little mate." He grunted and walked out of the room with her still over his shoulder.
  • "Let me quickly warn you about something, no one must ever find out that you rejected me. In front of everyone else, I'm your mate and Alpha, and you are to be my future Luna so you should act like one in front of everybody else. No one must ever know about the rejection for any reason and no one must find out that you're only here for our deal because if they do, I'll have to punish you severely, is that clear?" He warned.
  • "Yes." She answered.
  • As much as she wanted to be defiant to him as a self assurance that she at least still had the right to free will, she knew it wouldn't help her present situation. She always had to analyze her situation before reacting and as long as she was staying here, she would just have to obey, just for now. And maybe when she saw an opening or got a chance, she would try to escape.
  • She honestly hated how domineering this man was, he wasn't even trying to pretend to be gentle with her. He was already treating her like he possessed her. Her mind just couldn't help but wonder how he would be in bed, would he be gentle or would he be as rough as he was being right now?
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