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Chapter 9

  • Prabhu's POV
  • After the great dinner, we settled to watch TV. I noticed Janu went out to talk to her parents. Its been 30 minutes and she didn't return. She won't go anywhere without informing us. I want to check her. So without grabbing much attention of others, I walked towards the front gate.
  • There she is, in deep thoughts leaned on the side of the front door facing the street. My mind reminded the morning incident so I decided to tiptoe near her so that I can pull a prank by shouting in her ear. It will be funny to watch her scared face and her reactions.
  • I almost went near her but she suddenly turned and bumped into me. My hand automatically snaked her waist to stop her from falling. She didn't realise that I am holding her because she didn't open her eyes for a couple of minutes. She looks more gorgeous in this dim streetlight. She widened her eyes realising our closeness then she immediately pushed me and rushed inside.
  • I stood there still. What the hell is wrong with me! Argh! Why I'm behaving like this! My mind replayed morning incident.
  • The morning I saw her standing in near the hostel gate with lollipop like a child. She gets overexcited every time we go home. I saw her looking at the bikes passing by but didn't bother as I knew her craziness for bikes.
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