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Chapter 37

  • Prabhu's POV
  • Even after 30 minutes of 'cold' shower, still I am standing in front of my bathroom mirror, cursing and face-palming myself for the 'stunt' I pulled earlier. ARGH! Even though I am cursing myself, a big grin is still plastered on my face and my heart is thumping in an erratic rate.
  • God! That woman!
  • (Sigh)
  • The memory of her scent is still making my senses go crazy. It's been a while since we hugged each other. Her body is so soft, lovely and delicate. I don't aware of her effect on me till then. Now I know! (Smile!) And I should certainly keep up some decent distance away from her. Otherwise, I would end up doing something which might hurt her. I was so happy and that happiness blinded all my senses. Yesterday she had worried about passing but got 'God damn rank'. And it's not easy to get rank in CA exams.
  • The big mistake is my hold loosened after realizing our parent's presence and to maintain the balance, I had to press her onto me, more likely hugged her. I thought she would push me and run away but surprisingly she leaned on my shoulder in embarrassment. If we had been in isolation, I would have blissfully held her for hours. But the current situation is totally different and from the look given by our parents, they seemed to misunderstand our relationship. Not now! Before they start anything which would make her more uncomfortable, I asked her to move away. We are still living like roommates. But it already looked like we are now living as couples by the 'PDA show' we pulled.
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