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Chapter 4

  • Janaki's POV
  • I am staying in a private hostel, sharing the room with my cousin Vidhya. I have been waking up Vidhu from 6 AM. Now the time is already 7.30 AM. I already did my morning routine and yoga. But my sleepy head cousin is in her own dreamland, blushing in her sleep. I captured a picture of her blushing to use it later to tease her.
  • Do you know? Choosing your best friend who is also related to your family is a very risky choice in life. But I am very happy to choose her. She is trustworthy and she is the type of friend who knows what to tell me to make me feel better at any situation and support me to bring the best in me.
  • Even at the time of some disagreements between our parents, we didn't mind their scolding for going to each other's houses which are practically located in the same street.
  • Me and Vidhu have planned to celebrate her parent's anniversary. For that, we are going with Prabhu mama to get necessary things. (Mama is commonly used to call uncle/cousin when the person is elder.) With these train of thoughts, I successfully finished my bath. I wore my black T-shirt and blue jeans pant.
  • Vidhu is nowhere in the room and the door is opened, as usual, she would have gone to get some coffee for us from hostel canteen. Even though we are not a big fan of our hostel food, we got adjusted to it now.
  • I applied some mascara, pink lipstick and my favourite Javadhu powder (Javadhu powder is produced from natural herbs. It gives an enchanting smell. A natural substitute for perfume)
  • As I guessed, Vidhu is still in half sleep, entering the room with two mugs in her hands. She gave one mug to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.
  • "Janu (Short form for Janaki) you should have woke me up little earlier you know."
  • "What can I do? My dear friend is in her dream world and doesn't want to return to reality"
  • "Shut up! I am not in the dream world" She tries to sound angry but failed at the end of her sentence and now she has a small smile on her face.
  • "Are you dreaming about Ajay?"
  • "Can you please shut your mouth?"
  • She is now blushing. Ajay is our senior. He is attending CA-Final classes now. He is a very popular guy in our coaching center. To put it in simple words he is a stylish and intelligent Tamil guy. She had a crush on him.
  • "Oh yes! I will but only after you explain this!"
  • I showed her the pic of her blushing in her sleep. The reaction in her face worth a million dollars. She is now shouting and then begging me to delete it.
  • This is the right time to make your friend do which she doesn't want to do!
  • "I will delete the photo only if you promise me to clean our room for this whole month."
  • She is glaring at me with fireballs and finally, she accepted it and went to take a bath.
  • I sat in my bed and checking whether we have missed out anything in the list we need to purchase today. I got interrupted by Vidhu's mobile.
  • Her mobile screen displayed”ANNA"(Brother) which means the call is from Prabhu mama.