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Chapter 52

  • Janaki's POV
  • I always like the wind caressing my skin. But I love being seated behind my husband while he drives faster than he usually does, just because I love fast driving. We have been driving for the past hour. He filled the tank full of fuel to drive as long as I want!
  • He actually planned to take me to some nice place for dinner but I was exhausted and so hungry even before we started at home. So I demanded him to stop by a street food hand-cart shop and we had onion egg dosai with mutton curry. The taste we get from hand-cart shop will never match any costly hotels. It's simply divine-licious! I instantly become a fan of that granny who made this heavenly food! After tasting the food, he stopped complaining about ruining his dinner plan and enjoyed the food.
  • We were now driving in a more secluded area and far away from the city. And it's getting darker without any street lights here. He isn't telling me about our destination. Even though we just started as a long drive my intuition tells that he was taking me somewhere.
  • "Are you taking me to the middle of the forest?"
  • I asked him.
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