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Chapter 24

  • Vidhya's POV
  • I am having a great time with Ajay as always. I am going back to Kancheepuram in a few days and I already have the contraction in my heart, for missing him. Our results will be announced by the beginning of February. It's going to be a hard vacation. I got little emotional but my Ajay comforted me. For the first time, I leaned on his shoulder to seek comfort. I am not the PDA type of person. He was surprised by my sudden intimacy but I knew he enjoyed it.
  • I promised to meet him before leaving. After spending some time with him, we decided to go back as I remembered Janu will be waiting for me. I don't want to leave yet because of the fact that I will no longer be able to look at those mesmerizing pair of eyes daily. Wow. I have really fallen too deep for him.
  • Just like to break the effect of his spell, I heard a person yelling at someone to which I reflexively turned towards the voice, but just to leave me with a heart attack, I saw my anna with mixed emotions in his face and that bitch standing next to him with a smirk. My mind is doing many permutations and combinations of what was going to happen. I just stood rooted in my place. Unlike me, Ajay has some brain to unlock our fingers and to maintain some distance. I am too shocked even to breathe.
  • Wow. I have totally forgotten to look around. I realized Akash was here and he is the one who had loudly greeted my anna and that bitch. I noticed Janu almost standing behind Akash. She signalled me to come there. If any God listening to me, please make me invisible. I could see a hint of panic and hurt in her eyes. Her sparkling eyes now showing hurt because of me. I kept her in the dark side all these days. But here she is trying to save me from my anna. What kind of cousin I am. I never felt this much guilt in my whole life.
  • "I'm fine Akash. How have you been?" That bitch replied Akash and my anna looked confused. I don't know how would the event have turned if Janu is not present here at this moment.
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