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Chapter 50

  • Prabhu's POV
  • After speaking with my Murugan mama, I felt a big burden lifted off my shoulder. He understood everything I said and apologised for jumping onto conclusion without knowing the truth. Even though I feel unhappy for their distrust, I can't really blame them for thinking me wrong. All rational parents would think like that.
  • But I wanted to tease my vixen. So I ignored her till the next day. But I never expected her to ask me to leave to Kanchipuram. Honestly, I could understand her worry for her father, yet I didn't want her to leave. How can she leave me? Why can't she convince her parents to stay here?
  • I tried convincing them, but mama looks healthy inside out as if he turned on a switch and he wanted to go back home. The doctors too wondered about his health condition but concluded 'mind' plays an important role in his health which we all agreed as he got better on the instance of knowing the truth.
  • Is it so easy for her to leave me?
  • Despite the fact she would return, my heart didn't want her to go. So I continued ignoring her to see whether I have any effect on her. And I decided to pay a visit at the weekend and also to confess my feeling about her if... when I realize she too had the same effect as me.
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