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Chapter 42

  • Janaki's POV
  • I am overthinking. Things are getting escalated much quicker than I expected however I like these changes. Therefore I wanted to be pre-cautious. Prevention is better than cure.
  • I have to think clearly and make the right decision.
  • If we could kiss without any hesitation, then other things can also happen soon. But I want to finish my studies before I conceive a baby. But honestly, I don't think we could keep our hands off each other anymore. So we need to discuss the protection thing. But it would be embarrassing. Maybe I can take birth control pills. Yeah! That's it. But how can I get them? My mind flashed my friend, Jenny, told me about a gynaecologist she has been consulting for her irregular periods. I called Jenny and asked her to fix an appointment. She is too quick to fix the appointment by the same day five in the evening and sent me the contact details. I have classes in two weeks. I have to make the necessary arrangements before that.
  • I don't want to tell him that I am going to get pills because I am not desperate for sex, just pre-cautious. But if it happens anytime soon, I wanted to be prepared than later crying over the spilt milk. Unfortunately, the rain started by afternoon and the power went before I start from home. I mentally noted to call him to pick me up on his way back.
  • I was shocked to see Nandhini's mother there. I knew she is a gyno, but didn't expect her here. I feel so awkward now. But she spoke to me with a motherly smile which eased my discomfort. I asked about how was everyone. She sadly told me about Nandhini being adamant and her decision to raise the baby by herself. I don't know what to say. 
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