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Chapter 22

  • Prabhu's POV
  • In the past few weeks, so many things had happened. I still couldn't see Nandhini's face without feeling guilty. I am wondering whether am I ready for this marriage. I couldn't even take care of her at a small party. How am I going to take care of her in my whole life?
  • After that incident, I have been spending lots of my time with her. That makes me feel better. Above all, I couldn't be normal with Janu. I am glad she apologized to Nandhini even though she clearly not at all wanted to do it, but did it by the pressure from our parents.
  • I knew my parents are doing this so that I would not have any negative feelings towards her as she is already being punished by them. But they didn't understand that I would never have negative feelings for my family, particularly for her. Maybe I would be angry towards them for some time, but nothing more than that.
  • To my relief, Nandhini didn't exaggerate this issue. I thought this was going to be a big problem. At least I expected her to be angry after knowing everything, but she proved herself great by handling the whole thing in a very cool way. It gave me a lot of confidence that she would be a good wife and daughter to our family even though I still couldn't think romantic about her.
  • Also, this made me feel so guilty because it was my fault. Even though I had decided to leave the party, I should have informed her directly. In that way, I would have known whether she is okay or not. But I didn't. I am the worst.
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