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Chapter 46

  • Janaki’s POV
  • I was so bored and don't have any idea why I was awake so early, to be particular, the time is 03.55 AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I turned around and felt a slight discomfort in my lower region.
  • God! I am not a virgin anymore!
  • My mind flashed me the images of how he teased me, how desperately I begged him and then his touches which I could still feel and sending goosebumps over my body just by thinking it, and his exquisite manhood and the way it awakened a little devil inside me. I am smiling at the ceiling thinking all the events of last night. And it's not my mistake that it made me wet down there. 
  • It's HIS fault.
  • His fault for being so sexy... 
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