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Chapter 43

  • Janaki's POV
  • Days passed and my ITT classes were started. Vidhu was here but our parents decided to let her stay in a hostel to give privacy for us. And she is the happiest one as she got to stay in Nungambakkam where Ajay is working. She promised to behave yet I have my fears to let go my dear cousin to stay alone in the hostel. We insisted that we don’t have any problem with letting her stay with us, but they didn’t budge. Later they accepted for the arrangement of she would come to our home by Friday nights and will leave with me on Monday mornings to the classes.
  • Vidhu seems to be noticed our progression from our close behaviour because she eyed us with a strange look when she thought I wasn't observing her. And also half of my things were now moved to our room as I didn’t want to run to that room every morning to get ready.
  • And Twinkle was growing attached to us. Also protective over us. Once while we were kissing in the kitchen and I moaned out when he bit my earlobe slightly as the sensation was heavenly. Twinkle thought that mama was hurting me and he started dragging mama by biting into his pant. Fortunately, he didn't bite mama. We laughed a lot on his protective behaviour. From that incident, he would growl whenever mama come near me, but after listening to our several heated up sessions, he simply let out a sigh and go into another room as if he didn't want to witness our romance. He would be eager in the morning and evening when we were taking him out. And he would behave crazily sometimes to get our attention which we both adore.
  • And the relationship between us was surprisingly didn’t intensify to 'that' level. We would end up kissing and exploring each other for several minutes but we stopped it there till now. But we both knew that we don’t have control over when that last bit of our self-control will break loose. So we let it go on its flow. But I am planning to take it to the next step soon. To be particular, 7th of March, his birthday. And I was thinking to make move that night. Because this waiting game is killing my limits as my body was aching for him in need whenever we left it unfinished. This is his first birthday after our wedding and I am going to make sure that he will remember it for the rest of his life. I have to be bold enough to do that. But I hope I could do it.
  • Now I was sitting in the ITT class and I was feeling damn sleepy as these lectures can’t be any more boring. Thankfully the class got over and we descended to Computer lab, which would be fun in the name of the class. It’s the only relief in this program. After the class got over by one in the afternoon, Vidhu bid her bye and walked in the direction of her hostel. I started walking towards the bus stop. I was seriously thinking about what would be nice to do on his birthday but failed to notice a certain pulsar bike slowing down next to me. The 'honking' sound pulled me out of my trance and surprised to look him here at this time.
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