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Chapter 28

  • Hi friends,
  • Please read the following explanations before proceeding to this chapter. This will help you to understand certain Tamil terms used in this chapter as well as for upcoming chapters. Enjoy reading!
  • Thali or Mangalyam is a pendant with a gold chain or yellow thread that the groom ties around the bride's neck in India which symbolizes the woman is married.
  • Thoranam is hanging decorations with leaves or flowers or with both leaves and flowers.
  • Pandhal is just a tent-like structure.
  • Pandha kaal Nadudhal: This ceremony is held on the day before a wedding. The families of the bride and the groom gather outside her house and offer ritualistic prayers to the Gods above. They ask for protection and guidance to go about their work for the ceremony and also pray that it goes on without any obstacles or hassle. The bamboo pole is planted at the entrance of the house. With tilak and a piece of silk cloth around it, it symbolizes the god they pray to. Anyone who sees this pole is sure to understand that the daughter of the house is getting married.
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