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Chapter 17

  • Prabhu's POV
  • I never expected Nandhini would be such an amazing woman. We went to three dates so far. She behaved very nicely and I think she is the one. It's so easy to hang out with her like a friend. I like that fact.
  • She had the patience to listen to me while I speak about my family, which is actually a lot. If she has the patience to listen, then she would be flexible for the family.
  • Her dressing style is so modern but her character is so good to pinpoint that as a flaw in her. Also, she told that she has to wear highly modern dresses like a walking advertisement for her boutique.
  • We spoke about her friends. She has a big group of friends and she told me that she has to behave very friendly to everyone, it would indirectly benefit her business. She told me about the important business meetings held on Saturday evenings.
  • I got a call from her. I was so happily speaking with her until I heard the irritating continuous ringing of the doorbell sound. I decided to give a piece of mind to whomever there, disturbing me. But at the moment I opened the door, I, was the person who wants to be swallowed by the earth.
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