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Chapter 49

  • Prabhu's POV
  • "How is my mama, now?"
  • "He passed the stages of risk. He is now stable and his reports are good. The doctor said that he would be back to normal in a few days. Nothing to worry, Machan."
  • I sighed in relief yet I wanted to be with them and provide comfort to my family. But no one wants my presence there. And I don't know why Vidhu behaved like that. I could tell Nandhini's presence at our home is somehow related to the whole issue. But I wanted to know what happened exactly. Above all, my vixen's sudden cold behaviour pained my heart more.
  • "Can you please tell what's going on? Why is everyone giving me cold shoulder?"
  • "Machan! You have the audacity to hug and cry on the shoulder of your ex-fiancee in front of your wife and her parents who came there to surprise you without expecting that shock. And that poor man got a mild cardiac arrest thinking that you are meeting your ex-fiancee in your wife's absence.''
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