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Chapter 34

  • Nandhini's POV
  • I shouted at my employees for 'n'th time this week for catching them staring at me. This boutique is the only place where I can work my ass off and forget how the wreck my life had become.
  • Yeah, it's not easy when the only person you trusted in your whole life teamed up with your worst enemy to stop your fucking marriage and like the cherry on top of the frosting, he managed to get me pregnant without even my knowledge. I mean I got to know about it only a day before the wedding. So I really don't know what to do other than marrying Prabhu.
  • I can't help but get into depression, which I knew would have an effect on my baby. I just want to forget everything. If possible I would happily turn invisible. I don't want any unnecessary attention now. All I need is a peaceful life.
  • It still pains to even think about that day...
  • The day my life turned upside down...
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