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Chapter 6

  • Prabhu's POV
  • After speaking to my mama, we are now going to Express Avenue(mall). These girls are a big fan of Adventure films especially Marvel films. I like those movies but not a fan of them. They already booked tickets online for the movie 'Antman and the Wasp'. Thanks to mobile. We have more than 1 hour time for the movie. And these girls planned their menu in the car itself. I went to EA (Express Avenue) a few times before. But these girls are something else.
  • Janu is a master in planning these kinds of things. She scheduled the timetable 'eat and enjoy till night'.
  • As they planned, we went to the food court and ordered dominos pizza and garlic bread and beverages. We discussed the anniversary arrangements while eating. We exactly finished our lunch 10 mins before the movie. And we entered on time. The movie is nice but they two watched the movie without even blinking eyes and also waited till the post credit scene which raised their curiosity and they started discussing it. I didn't watch Avengers - Infinity war movie. So I am clueless about their speech.
  • They straight away went to the basement and entered Arokiya shop after munching paneer snacks they came out and ordered Kwality walls thunderstorm for me and Vidhu and Dark desire for Janu. I am sure that dark desire is going to get wasted because its HUGE with three different flavours of big scoops of ice cream in one big cone topped with nuts and chocolate syrup.
  • But no one can predict about a girl and her ice cream. She took her time to finish it but still they are arguing about who is great! Tony Stark or Steve Rogers! Janu loves Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Vidhu is a great fan of Steve Rogers (Captain America). There is no problem untill they bring discussion this to me. Because I like Thor more than them :P
  • Finally, they dropped their discussion and decided to step out of the mall which I mentally praying God for more than 30 mins. I have to drop them by 8 PM otherwise consequences will not be good.
  • The time is already 5.30 PM. The next plan is to Marina beach. Fortunately, it is only 10 mins drive from here. If they decided to stay away from beach water, I am sure that I can drop them on time. But if they get down in the water, I have to handle them like 4-year-old children and their tantrums and chores shouting like 'Let us enjoy the beach for at least once in a while. For the name-sake only we are living in Chennai, but having a very generous Anna/mama(Anna- Brother to Vidhu; Mama-Cousin to Janu) you only bring us to the beach once in a blue moon day. So don't disturb us. If you want, join us and enjoy'
  • It is fun to live at that moment. But after knowing they are late to the hostel, I will get advice from FOUR Persons... Not one or two... FOUR persons. I can't argue with them. Because I have to be responsible and I respect them and love them. At the same time, I can't be rude to these ladies and hurt their feelings.
  • So I have to remind Janu that she has to call her dad after reaching the hostel.
  • "Janu, mama asked to call you after reaching the hostel ma"
  • I looked at her reaction in the rearview mirror. She just smiled and looked into my eyes. I could tell she got my intention.
  • "Don't worry mama. We will reach the hostel on time. And also today is full moon day. So the policemen won't allow us near beach water. We will enjoy the moon and breeze then we will return earlier mama"
  • I smiled at her and then focused on driving.
  • After reaching the beach, we walked and talked about random things. After about an hour as Janu told the view of the full moon is great as its rays make the water shine like silver. It actually made my body and mind relax. We started a few minutes later and I bought them Fried rice and soups as dinner and dropped them in the hostel.
  • I made a call to mama and informed about the same and drove to my apartment.
  • Janaki's POV
  • We reached the hostel on time and finished dinner. And then we opened every bag and viewed whatever we bought. Then only we felt satisfied. I hope most ladies do this and only ladies can understand that feeeel. Later we decided to go to sleep.
  • I feel very tired but I am not the person who fell asleep immediately on lying on the bed. It will take some time for sleep to embrace me. My mind replayed the whole day. I started speaking with myself mentally. After a long time, we enjoyed this day to the maximum. More than anything, I loved the view of the moon on the night beach. It's a very romantic feel. After marriage, I will insist on my future husband to spend at least a night on the beach. The best way to get peace of mind is to attach ourselves to nature.
  • Suddenly, my mind jumped to the movie's post-credit scene and I'm thinking what are the possible ways available to Antman to exit that quantum field. 
  • Who will get him out? 
  • Will he himself find the way out? 
  • Will my favourite hero, Tony stark help him. Yes, that is the most likely option available. To be said in Thanos words, he is cursed with moreee knowledge. Haha.. 
  • Maybe Bruce banner can help. 
  • Omg! Can't wait till next Marvel movie.
  • Oh Janu! You forgot the most important thing. Athai(Aunt) told that Prabhu mama got a marriage proposal. If the proposal got accepted by all, I must insist athai to fix the marriage date after our exams. Then only I can assist them, and more than assisting the ENJOYMENT will be more. House full of relatives and friends, flowers, mehendi, new dresses and the most important thing is different varieties of FOOD. Wowwwww. I must pray to God for this alliance to work out. 
  • Janu! You must pray to God to give a nice and lovely wife for mama, not for the sake of food and other things. I hit my head lightly and turned on the bed.
  • I could see some dim light from Vidhu's bed... What is it... Hmm? Stupid Janu! It must be her mobile. She must be using her mobile under the blanket thinking that I slept. OMG! Is that mean Vidhu is keeping some secret from me?