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Chapter 39

  • Prabhu's POV
  • "Blah-blah-blah... Wait a sec! Do you still love her?!?"
  • "WHAT? I never did! (deep breath) Thankfully, we didn't reach that stage."
  • "Then why the hell you are arguing to spend the bloody valentines' day with Jaans. You know what, she deserves your love more than that woman who cheated on you. But you are telling me that you didn't move on from past yet. I agree you had some feeling towards Nandhini thinking that she was going to be your wife. But Nandhini proved that she doesn't deserve anything. Then, why are you wasting your time revolving around her? The past won't leave you unless you take some steps forward. Take Jaans somewhere and spend some good time with her."
  • "Nope"
  • "Is that what you would answer after my long lecture? Have you lost your mind? What is your problem, Prabhu?"
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