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Chapter 44

  • Emery
  • I continue to run after her down the beach, laughing as we keep on running as fast as we can; which I have to admit, she is a fast runner. I'd run after her till the end of the world if I have to—I'd do it, for her and myself.
  • ''Slow down,'' I say, trying to catch my breath.
  • ''Why are you so slow?'' She laughs, taking a few steps towards me; watching as I press both of my hands on my knees, wanting to breathe properly. Yes, I said that I would run till the end of the world for her but god damn, that shit is hard as fuck, it's almost making me hesitate.
  • ''Why are you so fast?'' I raise an eyebrow, sighing.
  • Emma finds this all as a bloody joke as she keeps on laughing before tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, shaking her head in disagree—turning to look at the water. Both of her eyes are lightening due to the sunlight shining brightly into her eyes, showing a more of a lighter brown.
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