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Chapter 14

  • Emma
  • ''You took me on a jet to New York,'' He says, causing me to look up and meet his eyes but due to the sunglasses that he's wearing—I can't really see where he's looking. ''That's not surprising.'' He adds.
  • Then, he leans back on his seat, using his palm to support his chin, ''Of course it's not and for your information, I just saved both of our asses from being stranded on an island for a whole week.'' I effortlessly flip my hair, earning a smirk from him.
  • ''How come?''
  • ''Your mother wanted to plan a honeymoon for us and she asked me to choose a destination. I had a better idea and I took it as my chance. I chose New York because I told her I didn't want to go on a honeymoon—like, why would I?'' I reply.
  • It irritates me that I'm not able to see his eyes. Just by the way his head is facing me, shows how he's actually looking my way but I can't read his facial expressions; especially right now.
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