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Chapter 37

  • Emery
  • ''I know what you did,'' I say, closing the door behind me before seeing her actions freeze. Yes, we're far enough from one another and that's great, distance is all that I need; there's no point of closing it.
  • ''What did I do?'' She asks, obliviously.
  • ''You don't have to lie, Hannah. Tell me the truth,'' I mutter; wanting to hear the truth from her because that's what I deserve after all her wrongdoings. She has caused destruction with my marriage and it has broken Emma—hurting me more, actually.
  • Hannah turns to look at me, her eyes focusing into mine which causes me to look back at her; challenging her to lie at my face. Either way, she'll be dragged out of here and will be sentenced in court.
  • ''She accused me,'' She says, standing up.
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