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Chapter 24

  • Emery
  • ''Tell your sister to stop,'' I grab Cole onto the arm, making him turn to look at me before frowning in confusion as he stops talking to Finn who is currently taking a few bites from his burger.
  • ''Wow, okay, what happened?'' He asks, concern.
  • ''I've been avoiding her since I came here. She won't stop texting me—I don't even know how the hell she got my number and I don't like it,'' I tell him the truth because something like this can cause issues in the future if not stopped now; I know better, hopefully.
  • ''Man, she's been crying this whole week.'' He replies, glancing at Finn who keeps on eating his food without a single care in the world, ''Just—just keep on doing what you're doing. Ugh, I don't know,'' He sighs.
  • ''Keep on doing what I'm doing? I'm only hurting her and that's far from what I have in mind,'' I furrow my eyebrows in disagreement, ''Look, Cole, she kissed me the night I came here and I've never felt as guilty as I've been feeling this whole week,'' I add, hesitating.
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