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Chapter 38

  • Emery
  • ''I must say that she's healing quite well,'' The doctor says, referring to the papers in his hands. Those papers are the reports according to Emma's recovering after her miscarriage and trauma—it was bad, before.
  • ''Thank god,'' I mutter under my breath.
  • He looks up at me before smiling, ''This is an impressive recovery, Your Highness. Within the past couple of days, she has not been zoning out much and she has been talking, laughing, so far she's doing very well,'' He adds, making me nod my head at his statement.
  • It's true. Emma has been healing quite well, just like he said. She has been a little too chatty but I assume that's normal for her since she's trying hard to recover. It's a part of how she's trying to get through the pain and I understand that; I understand it, too well.
  • ''Although, I really recommend her to rest more. Take her to places that can let her create new memories than just staying home. That can trigger back the pain,'' He continues, ''Since the incident happened there,''
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