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Chapter 36

  • Emery
  • I instantly run down the empty hallway, ignoring the guards that has been guarding this floor; just incase someone barges in to sabotage us. Things are slightly different now, us, royalties aren't able to be in public for too long because we worry about our safety.
  • My legs come to a halt as I see Evelyn and my mother wiping away their fallen tears while Andrea tries his best to soothe her—then, I'm noticed by them. I make my way towards them, realising that I'm late.
  • ''Let me see her,'' I say, trying to get inside.
  • But, Evelyn stopped me before I could.
  • ''The doctors are in with her; she's going through surgery and it'll be quite long,'' She mutters from behind, making me look at her in confusion. Then, realisation hits me once more; our baby. 
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