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Chapter 27

  • Emma
  • My eyebrows furrow in confusion; realising that by the look on his face—it shows well enough to see hesitation deep within. Then again, he seems like he's debating with himself whether he should be telling me or not, yet the chances are he will tell.
  • ''What is it? Tell me,'' I mutter.
  • ''Promise me first. Promise me that you will listen till the end without misunderstanding, you will let me try to explain things to you so that it'll be clear and for the love of god—don't walk out of this room before I finish. Promise me,'' He replies, too serious.
  • I know that this is something a little bit too serious due to the fact that he asked me to listen till the end; without leaving the room. He wants me to understand completely before making assumptions.
  • I hold onto his hand, ''I promise.''
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