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Chapter 20

  • Emery
  • I run my hand on the bed, feeling the side empty; making me open my eyes—trying to look for Emma. It takes me awhile to realise that she's no longer in bed so I sit up straight, closing my eyes again for a few seconds before completely getting off the bed.
  • My eyes wander down at the floor, seeing that our clothes are scattered all around—making me smile to myself at the memories of last night. I immediately pick up my boxers on the floor as I make my way towards the terrace, seeing her standing there.
  • I lean the side of my body against the wall after crossing my arms, eyeing her from behind; how she has her butt pushed up as she bends over to the front, enjoying the view. My eyes can't seem to look away from her breathtaking body—indeed.
  • All of a sudden, she turns to look at me.
  • Her eyes wide as her cheeks flush pink, making me smile; knowing that what happened last night might be playing in her head right now. The way she tries her best to avoid looking at my eyes tells it.
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