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Chapter 43

  • Emery
  • ''Thank you,'' I say before making my way out; bumping into Evelyn who has a cheeky smile on her face. The way she smiles, shows that she knows something.
  • ''Came to delete the footage from last night?'' She grins.
  • My eyes meet her blue ones—rolling my eyes in annoyance as soon as I understand what she meant. Yet, she continues to tease me about it; laughing and poking onto the side of my waist, immediately making me push her hands away due to being ticklish.
  • ''Hello to you too, sister.'' I walk away, purposely bumping onto her shoulder, earning myself another laugh from her; realising that she's going to keep on following me around for a few more minutes, teasing about last night—no regrets, though.
  • ''At least you had fun last night, even after the event but hey, no worries. Your dirty secrets are safe with me,'' She continues to chuckle, slightly making my cheeks heat up in embarrassment as a few servants pass us.
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