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Chapter 11

  • Emma
  • ''Indeed,'' Emery says sarcastically.
  • ''Evelyn, none of us were expecting you.'' I turn to see the queen closing her distance between Emery's sister—Evelyn. She smiles at her mother before being pulled by Genevieve for a hug; showing how much she has missed her. They both end up laughing while I glance at Emery and see him rolling his eyes. 
  • ''You must be Emma, Emery's fiancée.'' Evelyn says, causing me to immediately blink a few times as I return back into reality. To my surprise, she looks amazingly beautiful from up close—which lowers my self-esteem to the lowest level, ''It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Evelyn.'' She adds.
  • ''Emma,'' I reply.
  • ''Well, we'll talk later, for sure.'' She says before disappearing inside the castle with the queen as they continue to talk—mostly about her trip back in Malaysia. That's one of the reasons why she hasn't been around here. She's been busy travelling the world, mostly. 
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