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Chapter 10

  • Emma
  • ''I think it's too tight,'' I mutter as the stylist continues to pull harder onto my corset. My body feels like I can just explode due to the pressure I'm feeling on my abdomen; bringing me discomfort.
  • ''No, no. It's never too tight.'' She replies.
  • My eyes widen as she pulls one more time, causing me to immediately press my hand against the wall, ''But I can't breathe, at all.'' I say, glancing towards the queen.
  • Within seconds, the queen—Emery's mother, starts to stand up before walking towards me. She eyes my dress cautiously; leaving me like a statue at my spot. Then, she shakes her head, ''We want her to look beautiful, not like she's suffocating. Loosen it up a little bit. Let her breathe, Margaret.'' She says.
  • Margaret—the stylist nods her head before loosening my corset; earning a breath of relief from me. Once, everything is adjusted perfectly, I turn to look at myself in the mirror. A woman with brown eyes and brown hair looking back at me as she stands, pale yet there's a slight glow appearing on her skin.
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