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Chapter 30

  • Emery
  • ''It has been ten days, Your Highness. You haven't touched your food. Shall I get you something else to eat? The queen worries about your wellbeing,'' I keep on looking at the glass window; not sparing a second glance at one of the servants. I'm don't feel like I need to consume anything and it has not bothered me.
  • I stay quiet for a few seconds before sighing.
  • ''No. I need to be alone,'' I answer which causes him to bow in respect before exiting the room—leaving me all by myself; what I really want at the moment or for the past ten days, I've been avoiding people. Easy to say, I have been locking myself in this room.
  • Actually, this is his office. Being in here just makes me feel like he's still here with me; his presence. My mind has been blanked for the past few days because I've forgotten of what he asked me to do.
  • I find myself sitting in his armchair before throwing my head back with a deep sigh—not quite believing that I've lost my father. His death does not only bring sadness in our family but it brings sadness to the people here in England.
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