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Chapter 33

  • Emma
  • ''We're going to Australia,'' I say, deadly serious.
  • Evelyn's eyes widen in surprise as she turns to look at me, both of her eyes are trying to seek for answers. No one would just say that they're going to a foreign country and be all casual about it but when it comes to finding out about my husband's truth, then yes.
  • ''We are?'' She raises an eyebrow, looking at Andrea as he shrugs; only smiling afterwards. Then, the both of them wait for me to continue while I hesitate.
  • ''Yes and we're leaving tonight,'' I answer.
  • Both Andrea and Evelyn's eyes widen in surprise before causing Evelyn to stand up—trying to make sure that I'm thinking straight. She must think that I've lost my mind but who cares? I'll go to Australia all by myself if I have to but due to my state, I'm not so sure. As selfish as I may be, my baby comes first.
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