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Chapter 13

  • Emma
  • ''I need to be honest with you,''
  • I turn to face Emery, seeing that he's busy looking at a group of men who will be riding with us. Then, he looks down at me, ''I have completely forgotten how to ride a horse.'' He mutters under his breath and within seconds, one of the men starts to approach us; causing him to sigh.
  • ''Your Highnesses, will you be riding today?'' He asks with a smile on his face before glancing at my direction. Both Emery and I return back the smile but from the look on Emery's face, I know he doesn't want to turn down the challenge but neither of us really know how to ride a horse. Well, except for him, he knows very well but he has forgotten about it.
  • ''Of course,'' Emery replies.
  • Then, he disappears back into the crowd before they all walk towards their horses, getting ready for the ride. I turn to look at Emery once more, bracing myself to place a hand on the side of his face, earning myself a confused look from him but he stays still. We are looking deeply into each other's eyes, ''Try. You might remember how,'' I say as I smile.
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