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Chapter 32

  • Emery
  • ''I don't need your lecture,'' I say without turning around to look at my mother—who's probably going to start asking me about Hannah and the baby. Then, she's going to ask me about Emma.
  • ''In fact, I don't need anything.'' I add, in anger.
  • My mother closes the door behind her a little bit too forceful—then, she begins to walk towards me with a frown in between her brows. Her face shows it all; she wants to be mad at me, probably scream and shout but she knows that I'm no longer a kid.
  • ''What happened back in Australia? What happened to my son? I can't believe what I heard from her and that's why I want to hear it from you,'' She looks up at me—straight into my eyes.
  • ''Look, mother. I don't want to be disrespectful but I need to be alone and you out of anyone would truly understand that,'' I say, walking out of the room to leave her standing there by herself as she sighs.
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