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Chapter 16

  • Emma
  • While having Chinese, I manage to glance up at Emery once in awhile; just for my own satisfaction. He does not bother with his surroundings as he watches the television, unaware of me staring.
  • ''I didn't know you find me that attractive,''
  • My eyes widen at his sudden respond before he turns to look at me with a slight smirk on his face. Now, I realise how bad I am for staring because it takes me a whole lot of effort to look away. He's too beautiful. Anyone can see that. Not just me. Everyone.
  • ''Excuse me?'' I furrow my eyebrows, holding the chopsticks in the middle as I pay a closer look.
  • To my surprise, he leans in a bit further, raising my heartbeat within seconds; which means that my body is reacting like a freaking pussy. I never really fall head over heels for someone this easily. Yes, it might take a few effort and a few moments but with Emery, it glides on smoothly. Is it because we're married?
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