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Chapter 9 : The Beggars

  • Vlad toured around his city with a handful of soldiers with him. Some people when recognized him by sight would turn away and would avoid to be in his way because fear. Others, however, would bow down to him in respect or admiration.
  • Sometime later, he noticed some beggars on the streets. They mostly pestered some people so that they would give a penny or anything like food. He thought of a way how to solve this problem.
  • By the next day, he invited all beggars his soldiers could find. He had made a banquet for all of them. The beggars were delighted that the prince actually cared for them. Certainly, there were no other princes that had done this for them.
  • After everyone ate with full stomach, Vlad made a toast for them.
  • “Everyone, wouldn’t you like to have any cares in the world and thus lack nothing?”
  • The beggars looked at him with veneration. “Yes, m’lord,” they chorused.
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