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Chapter 62 : Celestial Fighters

  • “No one expected this,” Eric mumbled to his best friend.
  • Diana cast a spell on the Carpi warriors so that they would not feel sad or angry at the fate of their beloved ones. The Carpi naturally went back to their strong selves. The fate of their loved ones could still be remembered but not the feelings anymore. She knew it was bad to control their feelings but she just wanted them to be neutral to act as they deemed right and not blinded by their emotions.
  • “Where shall we go now, goddess?” Tacia asked Elise.
  • Elise regarded Diana first before she turned to the Carpi warrior and answered her inquiry. “We go into that tunnel,” she said pointing at the tunnel, where Eric was fighting with the strigoi nearby a short while ago.
  • Elise and the Carpi warriors stood up. They all started to walk towards that tunnel to the right. As they went on, they saw some dark corridors leading to different directions, which they did not have the vaguest idea where they lead to.
  • “We could use some lights, Kent,” Diana suggested in a low voice.
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