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Chapter 24 : The New Ghost

  • In the morning, all of them rose from their sleeping bags almost at the same time, and their two hostesses went out of their small room. Eric materialized some coffee, bread, mayonnaise, butter and some fruits for their breakfast.
  • They were in the middle of eating their breakfast when Beniamin appeared at the doorway with tears in his eyes. “Agota!”
  • “Is something wrong, Beniamin?” The old lady was alarmed upon seeing him in this state. She remained on the square stool though.
  • “We found my son dead early this morning!” the middle-aged man revealed.
  • The bread that Agota was holding dropped on her plate because of shock. Aniko’s and the others’ jaws dropped as well.
  • “W-why? How?” Agota who stood up from her seat stood up.
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