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Chapter 59 : Strigoi

  • “Be careful, Kent,” Elise warned through telepathy again, and the others heard it except the Carpi warriors.
  • Kent did not reply. He signaled for them to follow him behind a huge rock when they felt the cave shake. It moved slowly at first but then it gradually became strong.
  • “Earthquake!” Diana squealed.
  • All of them held unto the walls of the cave so that they would not fall and roll down the sloping portion of the cave, where they heard the low groan of the strigoi originate.
  • The strigoi was alerted by Diana’s voice, and it came into view. They did not expect how it looked. They were expecting a human with fangs, red eyes and wore clothes with a cape, like the mythological vampire called Count Dracula.
  • The strigoi looked more like a werewolf. Its body was black and large. Its hands were also huge with crooked, long and sturdy nails. Its arms, thighs and legs were thorny. Meanwhile, its face was like a wild beast with teeth that were all like fangs; they were jagged and sharp. Its ears were pointed. Above all, it was naked but no sex could be found to identify whether it was a male or a female strigoi.
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