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Chapter 25 : Pestered

  • Kent’s mind answered the spirit. “It’s just that. All of us can see a spirit. But I wonder why it’s only me who seems to see you right now. That’s weird, you know?” His brows met together as he frowned.
  • “Maybe it is because I saw you first? Or was it because I heard your voice first when I woke up?” Flaviu was thoughtful. “Either way, it is only you who can see me now, Kent.” He then turned to look at his weeping father. His eyes became tender and apologetic for giving him such sorrow. He had already suffered enough when his mother passed away.
  • “You want to show yourself to your father?” Kent asked Flaviu, sizing him up.
  • He turned to him with a smirk. “I cannot do that.”
  • “Why not? You can tell him that you will wait for him and that you will always by his side to watch over him… or something like that. Would it not be good for him to assure him that you’re both okay even after what happened to you?” Kent felt he was a sentimental person right now but who cares? He took pity on Flaviu who had to die before his time. If it wasn’t for the Jinn, maybe this man could’ve lived his life to the fullest.
  • “I might scare him, yes?” Flaviu uttered thoughtfully.
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