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Chapter 56 : Caught In Between

  • “We are running out of food. To meet you unexpectedly, we thought our prayers were answered by you. We thought you could save us, goddess,” Tacia admitted at last.
  • Elise knew about this predicament they were in. She had already read their souls earlier. She could not do anything but to help these people. After all, she was the elite seer who was supposed to help by using her powers. Her powers are not for her alone. Her powers were to be used for the needy and deserving ones. That was what she learned through her journey.
  • The mistaken goddess closed her eyes but suppressed her blue third eye. She grew fruit trees and crops around the village in an instant. She also materialized pens for the animals and filled them with pigs, chickens, ducks, cows, turkeys and roosters.
  • The noise of the forest was added by quacks, moos and others that were created by the animals that she conjured.
  • The tribe was in awe.
  • “You do not need to hunt. You only have to raise these animals for your food,” Elise told them.
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