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Chapter 55 : Goddess Bendis

  • “I have no idea.” Elise shook her head. She gasped as she almost tripped but she was able to grab a small branch of a tree on their way down. As she regained her balance, the branch of the tree broke, and she ended up holding it.
  • Diana stopped to look at her, and when she saw that Elise was safe, she continued to walk, following Eric.
  • They were midway down the mountain, where the Sphinx was seated, when Kent suddenly stopped in his tracks. The others did the same and looked ahead of them. There were about ten woman warriors who wore ancient armors with weapons in their hands. Two of them held torches.
  • “Whoa! A-are they Amazons?” Eric asked Kent, skidding into a halt as well.
  • “I don’t think so,” Kent answered in a low voice. His eyes were set upon the group of warrior women. “We are not in Amazon region.”
  • Elise moved in front of Kent, still holding a branch of the tree on their way, when she almost tripped over. She read the souls of each of the warrior women.
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