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Chapter 46 : The Caped Man at Danube River

  • “We should cross the Danube River to be with Elise,” Kent suggested.
  • He suddenly turned into a golden dragon, and his three companions were surprised at his new look. They gawped at him slack jawed. Flaviu, who was with them, was also surprised. It was the first time they saw Kent’s evolved powers.
  • “Come on! What are you waiting for?” Kent asked them through telepathy.
  • They hopped onto the golden dragon’s back, and Kent carried the others to the other side of Danube River, where the Prince of Wallachia had set up his camp. Flaviu flew with the flying golden dragon like an escort.
  • Kent landed without the soldiers’ notice. The protective shield was still on them. Kent shifted into his original human form, and they walked around the camp to search for Elise and the Prince of Wallachia.
  • Tents were set up around them. The winter night air was freezing; hence, the soldiers huddled together in front of a small fire in the different parts of the camp.
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