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Chapter 69 : Missing

  • Present day, Kent’s family library in Thompson’s residence.
  • Lucy got out from the greenhouse. She looked up at the beautiful sun before she decided to go back inside the house. She took off her gloves and placed them near the sink.
  • “Kent, are your friends going to…” She went into the library without knocking the door. However, she did not see her son or his friends.
  • ‘They were just here a while ago,’ she thought.
  • She was confused as she did not notice Kent’s car leave the compound. Then, she saw a book lying on the floor. She took it and was about to place it on the table when she saw the untouched food on the tray she brought for them a few hours ago.
  • She placed the book on the table with furrowed forehead. She picked up the phone and dialed the Helmricks. After two rings, someone picked up the phone on the other end.
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