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Chapter 16 : Fortify

  • It was night.
  • Torches were lit around the fortified city. The city people were in a bustle with their usual activities like any normal evening. Suddenly, Dracula’s soldiers on foot and horseback charged into the city. The soldiers attacked men and women, young or old.
  • A large commotion was at its climax. The soldiers inside the fortified city were caught by surprise. Arrows flew everywhere and hit someone or something. Swords clashed as enemies fought with their lives. Groans and screams could be heard, filling the evening air.
  • The Prince of Wallachia fought his hardest. He wanted to show that he was a strong leader. He feared no one. Anyone who was in his way was slain by his mighty skill in sword fighting.
  • The archers of the city were hidden almost perfectly in the city bastions. More than half of Dracula’s army was left when they successfully took hold of the city. At last. They cried with their weapons raised in the air as a sign of a victorious battle. Red-orange fires were scattered, eating up some edifices and other properties.
  • Vlad’s heart was filled with pride, glory and success. Finally, he was free from the manipulative Saxons in Transylvania. He managed to take down one of his enemies, and that was indeed a great achievement. Now, he was to only face the Turks who wished to invade his territory and spread their Islamic religion. He would never let them take his beloved Wallachia even if it would kill him in the process.
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