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Chapter 32 : Dream Hopping

  • Flaviu entered his father’s dream, wherein he and his mother were playing on the fields. He was five years old at the time. He looked on as his father joined in. He smiled as he watched his small family having fun at the time. Later on, he found his father sitting alone on a rock, sadly looking at the stream in front of him.
  • Flaviu appeared before his father with a jovial face. “Father, why are you sitting here all alone?”
  • His father seemed to look disoriented and blinked. Then Beniamin smiled at his seemingly radiating son. “You left me. Do you not recall, Flaviu?”
  • Flaviu nodded slowly and hung his head regretfully and sadly. “I am sorry, Father. I didn’t mean to leave you that way. I did not mean to cause you any sorrow, believe me. I’m so sorry.” His voice was filled with heaviness and helplessness.
  • His father stood up and clapped him by the shoulder. “I know. I am sorry to become like this. I just cannot help myself and become sorrowful after you departed. However, I wish my son to be happy wherever you may choose to go. And may our Father in heavens guide you all the way to his place, my son.”
  • Flaviu was teary eyed as he watched his father’s sorrowful face. He wondered for a moment if he was indeed going to the heavens.
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