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Chapter 48 : Jaculus

  • While Elise was in search of the needed information, her friends and brother were busy fighting against the giant salamander. Mazoi spun his spear and gathered pebbles, sands and grasses. He made them all into a ball. He cast a spell of the ball that could break the giant reptile. If not, he hoped at least it could scratch the Jinn. His ball was the signal for the other three to attack simultaneously. With a pushing motion of his spear, the ball in front of it rushed to hit the salamander in the face.
  • The salamander was able to duck its head but the lower portion of its body was hit. The Jinn screamed while the protectors and executioners were on the move. Diana targeted the salamander’s eyes by her four daggers—two daggers for each eye. The daggers disappeared but appeared close to its eyes. However, the Jinn froze the daggers by merely an inch, rendering them useless.
  • Eric leaped in the air to slash the neck of the enemy, but the giant salamander avoided his attack. Kent was able to slash its tail by his mighty invisible sword nonetheless. The Jinn screamed in horror as he saw the mutilated part of his body. He recovered, and he glared at Kent furiously. His red eyes almost blazed. He crawled to face the blond guy. He spat milky fluids in his direction.
  • Kent, on the other hand, avoided whenever it expelled its milky fluid. He saw that grasses died immediately when the liquid touched them.
  • Mazoi was on the run to assist Kent. His spear elongated more, and he attempted to stab the enemy’s neck. Diana, Eric and Kent looked up at the reptile as Mazoi’s spear slowly pierced through…
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