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Chapter 10 : The Second Journey Begins

  • Present time, around mid-morning in Belmont, Wisconsin.
  • The five of them got together at Kent’s house. His mother was surprised but was happy to welcome them all.
  • Kent and Mazoi were at the library waiting for their three friends to come as agreed.
  • Diana, Eric and Elise went inside. It was Elise’s first time to enter Kent’s house. She was impressed with all the exotic decorations and designs. The living room was huge with a lavender chandelier hanging on the ceiling. To the right was the set of long sofas with purple leather upholstery, facing a set of TV and players. A couple of large expensive vases with artificial flowers were to the left, which led to a hallway going to the kitchen and dining room. A wide marble staircase was in the center going up the second floor with steel bar banister.  One part of the wall to the left was made of glass, which showed the garden outside, some meters away from the outdoor swimming pool.
  • Elise was also impressed by the large collection of books inside the library as though she stepped into Belmont library itself. There were shelves in an inverted L shape to their left while the right had the desk and sofas as well. There recessed and sconce, cool lighting fixtures. She thought it must be nice to read books in this library. It was quiet and cozy.
  • She settled on the long sofa, while the others were still standing, looking and admiring the impressive room.
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